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How to brew white tea correctly?

White Tea 

How to brew white tea correctly?

White tea is special. It is characterized by weak fermentation and minimal human exposure during processing. It has a lot of benefits, not without reason that several centuries ago they cost a fabulous price and were included in the health ration of the emperor.

Today, anyone can try delicate varieties high in vitamins and antioxidants. In this article, we will tell you how to brew white tea in order to preserve the set of valuable components and not to spoil the delicate taste.


White tea brewing depending on the variety


Quality white tea is considered an elite drink. It does not have many varieties - only four, namely:

  • Bai Hao Yin Zhen. It is made exclusively from large, juicy buds, which is why the variety is called Silver Needles. Normally it is an expensive white tea, we will tell you how to brew it correctly below.
  • Bai Mu Dan. A variety made from buds with the addition of fluffy top leaves, the name translates as White Peony.
  • Cui Mei. Leaves are already bigger, they are large, spreading, hence the name, Elder's Eyebrows.
  • Gun Mei. The most inexpensive white tea with few buds.


Most often connoisseurs of elite flavors wonder how to brew white tea Japanese Kiraka White Sencha - this is an expensive variety with a sophisticated taste that requires a special approach. First of all, pay attention to the quality of water. It should be soft and drinkable, but not mineral.

Another important thing is not to overcook tea, because elite white teas will not forgive this. It is better to use the method of spilling.

When figuring out how to brew white tea, don't forget that it comes in different ages, just like puerh. In China, they believe that it is better to let white teas rest, the time will make the taste more interesting and multifaceted. That's why you can buy young white tea, or you can buy mature tea that is 3-5 years old or more.


Basic rules for brewing white teas

Below we will tell you how to brew white tea step by step. But first, we'll share some basic tips:

  1. Expensive tea is more demanding to the quality of water. Tap water, mineral and spring water are not suitable, it will stifle the delicate flavor.
  2. How to brew white tea so that the taste is revealed as much as possible? Don't use steep boiling water. Allow the water to cool to about 80 degrees.
  3. The longer you infuse white tea, the more benefits the leaves and buds impart to the drink. But do not overdo it, if you overstill it, it gets a bad bitterness.
  4. You can brew in dishes made of porcelain, glass and ceramic. If you have a clay pot, check whether it has absorbed the fragrance of other varieties, which will choke the delicate flavor of white tea. This material easily "memorizes" flavors. Metal and plastic - no way.

«What's interesting is that not only Shu are pressed into cakes, but white tea is also pressed into cakes, so how do you brew it in that case?  Carefully separate a small portion from the cakes. Try not to crumble the leaves, just flatten the pressing.»


The classic method of brewing white tea


If you ask a Chinese person how to brew white tea, he will say, "Of course, with spills!". But Europeans are used to infusing any variety, so for us this method is a mystery. Here's a step-by-step brewing plan:

  • Boil the water and rinse the teapot. This cleans it of dust and warms it up so that the flavor of the tea unfolds better.
  • For 150 ml of water, 1-2 teaspoons of tea are enough. As already mentioned, the water should be purified, without harsh impurities.
  • The first time the tea is poured with water and drained after a few seconds. This spill is not drunk, it rinses and steams the teapots.
  • The second time the tea is infused for 20 seconds, depending on the strength of the drink you want. The infusion is then poured into bowls or cups.
  • Quality white tea can withstand five or more infusions. Each time the infusion time increases slightly.

Now you know how to brew white tea correctly. Drink at least a cup a day - you will get a rejuvenating effect and improve your health. This drink is rich in antioxidants, strengthens the immune system, slows down aging, smoothes fine wrinkles, enhances skin protection from ultraviolet light and accelerates the breakdown of fats.