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Fall Favorites

Fall is no doubt the ultimate tea season! Our health-giving teas inspired by the changing color of the leaves, and warming up by the fire make it simple. Give in to your fall cravings when temperatures drop, and layers are piled high! Why resist it?

Tea is an excellent option as your fall beverage of choice, it is sugar free and high in antioxidants to help keep you thriving. Many of our fall favorites have spices that are renowned for their health benefits blended right in; such as cinnamon, and ginger! Cinnamon naturally balances blood sugar, so it will help keep you feeling balanced and satisfied- which can curb cravings for unhealthy sweets. Ginger is a great source of many vitamins and minerals, its digestive health qualities are outstanding, it is anti-inflammatory, and will quickly soothe nausea or an upset stomach.

Our Perfect Pumpkin Pie, Caramel Latte Rooibos, French Apple Almond TartSpiced Apple Cider, and Pu’erh Maple Chai are sure to satisfy any indulgent coffee shop cravings! 

Who can resist a warm cup of comfort when fall rolls around? Apple pie, cider, pumpkin spice… these are familiar and traditional fall favorites that we simply love to love!

Try a fall inspired tea next time you find yourself craving a pumpkin spice treat. You can even experiment by making your own tea latte; try a different milk (we love coconut, and almond milk), or try adding local honey to taste!