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Flavored tea: with milk, chocolate and more

Flavored tea 

Flavored tea: with milk, chocolate and more

Classic tea is made from the leaves and buds of the tea bush. But the flavors of the beverage can vary, influenced by the quality of the raw material, the time and place of collection, the processing method, and the presence of additives. Let's talk about different flavored tea in more detail.


Types and flavors of flavored teas

Flavored green tea




No one can say exactly how many varieties of flavored green tea there are, but the best whole leaf teas are grown in China.

Classic green tea has a light floral and herbal aroma and a sweet aftertaste. The infusion is light green or golden, easy to drink and a great thirst quencher.


Flavored oolong tea



Oolong tea fall into a separate category of semi-fermented teas - between green and black (red).

The intensity and flavor shades of these teas depend on the degree of fermentation. Dark oolong with a strong roasting has a rich woody flavor with the aroma of roasted nuts.  Light oolong is closer to green teas with delicate, sweet or fresh chords.

«Milk-flavored tea is one of the most popular teas in Europe. As a rule, it is a low-fermented oolong tea with flavorings of milk, caramel, cream or vanilla. Jin Xuan is considered a natural oolong with light milk notes.»


Flavored black tea


Flavored black tea has a rich orange or ruby color infusion, bright and tart taste with notes of apricots and prunes, aroma of honey and flowers. Black tea is mainly harvested in India, Sri Lanka, China and Kenya.

On store shelves you can find black tea with flavors and aromas of different fruits and berries, with the addition of flowers and herbs. For example, the popular Earl Grey Premium is flavored with bergamot oil. Those with a sweet tooth will surely like chocolate-flavored teas.


Flavored white tea


Flavored white tea undergoes the least processing and fermentation. Its name comes from the peculiarities of the tea bush - the buds of this plant are covered with a dense white hair.


White tea is not only made in China. The most popular varieties of white flavored tea are:

The infusion is light, with a slight amber hue.

If you are used to rich and flavored teas, it may seem that white tea has no flavor. But once you taste it, you will feel the delicate notes of melon, berries, birch juice and honey, a subtle floral aroma and a long, sweet aftertaste.

In Europe it is customary to flavor teas with artificial additives. In China it is a taboo, only natural flowers and herbs are used. For example, miniature rose buds, chrysanthemum petals, jasmine, delicate bamboo shoots, etc. The taste of the tea is delicate, in addition, the infusion will have more vitamins and valuable trace elements.

The variety of tea tastes allows everyone to find a drink to their liking. And it doesn't matter if you like black or green tea - quality tea is always good for the body.