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Assam "Black Beauty" #8

Assam "Black Beauty" #8

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Origin: Taiwan


Our Assam "Black beauty" #8 is organically grown and produced in beautiful Taiwan. Assam Black Beauty is a distinct and highly appealing tea with a smooth richness of taste that is simply unsurpassed. With natural hints of cream, honey and bourbon! This tea is deliciously malty with notes of raisin and stone fruit. This is a tea that is very smooth, rich in character and deliciously deep! You will notice that the flavor is not nearly as brisk as a traditional Indian Assam, but almost has dark oolong characteristics.

Black tea crafting in Taiwan was initiated by the Japanese in 1903. In 1926, the first Assam cultivar was introduced and planted around the hills of Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County. This lake's climate, environment, and terroir was deemed the most similar to the Assam tea gardens of India. Today, Sun Moon Lake produces the majority of Taiwan's black tea between three distinct cultivars: a pure-stock Assam, a native indigenous cultivar, and a hybrid cultivar named #8!

Enjoy the full smooth flavor of our luxury ssam Black Beauty #8!


Loose leaf black tea
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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11 reviews
Quality    ****  96%

Andrew Cumming

02/13/2020, 12:13

Quality    *****
This is a lovely tea! The description is spot on. Very happy with my first purchase on Tealyra :)
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Amy Hurtz

09/12/2019, 15:13

Quality    ****
Not a super fan of this tea as a hot beverage. The smell was nice, but I felt it had a lack of flavor. I let it cool down and was much more impressed. I think it would be a good iced tea or a base for a fruity summer drink. I mixed a second steep with 'Organic Huang Cha Yellow Tea' and it was amazing!
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keith k

11/15/2018, 17:50

Quality    *****
Very flavorful tea. A nice aroma.
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Ian Cooper

03/03/2018, 19:23

Quality    *****
This one really deserves the 5 star rating. I'm paranoid that one day it won't be available, so i buy extra when i order. The price initially almost scared me away, but i'm glad that i splurged and got it. Being addicted to this tea only proves how much of a tea lover you are. The taste is smooth, not bitter or tannic at all. more like a sweet (vanilla) tobacco aftertaste.
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10/21/2017, 14:51

Quality    ****
A second, larger order of this delicious tea was somewhat disappointing because it is a newer lot (Exp 12-2018) and far less fragrant than the previous lot (Exp 08-2018), and the flavor is less intense. I do still enjoy the brew, but with less enthusiasm. Tealyra doesn’t identify lot numbers or flushes/harvest dates, which means this kind of unexpected variation can occur, but I sure do miss that phenomenal first batch I bought! Maybe I’ll have better luck next spring. Still, I do recommend this as a delicious Assamic varietal from Taiwan!
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05/24/2017, 16:52

Quality    *****
Tealyra's "Black Beauty" #8 is quite simply the most delicious tea I've ever had. Smooth, fragrant (even the dry tea is fragrant), and very drinkable! [NOTE: I do wonder if Tealyra has erred in this teas pedigree, though, as the hybrid they describe (of a pure-stock Assam and a native indigenous cultivar) more accurately describes what is known as Red Jade #18. According to Teapedia, the variety known as TTES #8 is an Assamica varietal from Jaipur, India.] Well... whatever it is, Tealyra is calling it Black Beauty and I love it!
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05/22/2017, 01:34

Quality    *****
Best tea I've ever had. Beautiful scent too.
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02/17/2016, 09:32

Quality    *****
Assam "Black Beauty" #8 now is on my "Specialty Tea" list since today.

Impressive whole dry long tea leaves opens into chocolate brown lasting leaves during the brewing time.
You should check out the aroma before you drink it. Pleasant sweet smell will bring the sunlight into your room/house.
Medium bodied honey coloured liqueur gives an awesome feeling from the start of the day. This tea has it desirable middle between hearty and sweet taste.

Caffeine will bring the energy into your body whiles aroma and taste going to shine the stimulative path into your day.

First brew have a little smoky finish in a cup, although second feels like you stored butterscotch in your cup.

This tea could be a good choice as a present for the loved ones and as a treat for ourselves.
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Chris UK

10/12/2015, 09:59

Quality    *****
An enjoyable tea that has a very distinctive taste of it's own.
The taste is difficult to describe, and completely new to me.

The leaves unfold to be enourmous, and seems to need a longish brew time to get the best flavour out of it.

It's very distinct taste make it good to try as a blend with another blander tea.

I'm ordering more!
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09/15/2014, 14:52

Quality    *****
Lazemaple said it right, this tea is amazing! If yo like Orange Pekoe, English Breakfast or anything rich you owe it to yourself to try this tea. It's not expensive, and tastes great.
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02/24/2014, 18:51

Quality    *****
I have tried many of the black teas from the very expensive Japanese Makurazaki to Monks Blend, Orange Pekoe, Fujian and many others...THIS is my GoTo tea for special 'me times' a wee bit of serenity in a hectic day.
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