Fukujyu Sencha

Fukujyu Sencha

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Origin: Japan


Sencha teas are Japan’s most popular, they are a variety of steamed green tea that is usually bright, grassy, fresh and astringent. Fukujyu Sencha is considered to be one of the better exported sencha teas, it is known for its refreshingly sweet and very light grassy taste; its bright green leaves are harvested from only the first and second flush. Fukujyu Sencha is characteristically light, with very little grassiness, it is sweet and slightly astringent, but its oceanic notes are what sets it apart. It has savory seaweed, nori-like properties that are gentle and complex, but add to its wonderful tea taste!


Japanese green tea leaves
Caffeine Level:
Use 1-1.5 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 175F/80C and steep for 1.5-2 minutes.


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Quality    ****  85%


07/09/2020, 16:22

Quality    **
When I read the word "oceanic" in the description, for some reason I thought that this tea would have an interesting umami taste, or be earthy. However, I guess "oceanic" truly means just that -- imagine walking into the ocean with a mug and scooping out a cup for yourself and then drinking it. Oceanic indeed. As another reviewer said, this note does subside with subsequent steepings but it is quite overwhelming during the first one.
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Robert Kaufman

02/22/2018, 15:26

Quality    *****
Perfect everyday tea..slight sweetness and mildly astringent well balanced but as others have said the oceanic /nori like attributes are what sets it apart which is the reason I reorded a larger size its a great tea for morning or evening meals that won't break that bank
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10/05/2016, 11:25

Quality    *****
The leaves are pretty and green, and have a sweet aroma. I steeped 1 ½ tsp in 8 oz. hot water (about 175 F). To the nose, it is fresh, grassy and very oceanic. To the taste, it is vibrant, sweet, smooth, grassy, slightly astringent and very oceanic. Indeed, “its oceanic notes are what sets it apart”. The sweet oceanic aftertaste lingers in the mouth until the next sip. The 2nd infusion was less fragrant, less vibrant and less complex, but still very smooth, and very good.
This is a great quality Sencha. Very tasty and satisfying.
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Dominique Anfossi

09/20/2016, 11:38

Quality    *****
This tea brews to a lovely golden-green colour, and grassy aroma. Mellow and well balanced on the first brew, it gets more astringent/ less grassy but just as enjoyable on a second (longer) infusion. It's my 'go to' tea for early mornings that require sharp focus and sharper mind.
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