Wuyi Hong Shui Oolong Cake

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Hong Shui Oolong Tea Cake is an organic artisan tea cake. Hong Shui Oolong Tea Cake is a fine Taiwanese tea that was handpicked and pressed by artisan tea crafter Mr. Yu, it has been oxidized between 30-40%, allowing for a rich, complex and full flavor.

Tea cakes are crafted for their unique ability to cultivate and achieve complex flavors through manipulating oxidation levels and time.

Simply break off a piece of the cake with a tea knife, and allow for one rinse, then steep as usual. Once steeped, the fragrant lush roasted aroma fills your senses, and at first sip your whole mouth is filled with a roasted sweetness, mineral notes, and full smooth taste. Red Jade White Tea is a luxurious Taiwanese white tea you will enjoy to discover and appreciate through multiple infusions.

This is how to do it:
1-1.5 TSP or 1 BAG
8oz / 200ml
195F / 90°C
2 - 3 min


Oolong tea


by Jerred Toews
January 2021
The taste of this tea is very pleasant and well rounded a little bit creamy with a light roasted flavour .. the tea cake unfortunately was so dried out that it was practically dust and was impossible to strain the dust out of the tea after steeping ... it wasn’t a particularly cheap cake either so I can only give two stars due to high cost and being dried out due to improper storage, was quite disappointing unfortunately
by James
May 2018
An unique and delicious fragrance and flavor. Similar to the best "Black Beauty #8" that I've had from Telyra. This oolong is heavily oxidized, but the resulting tea is so very smooth. Love it!
by Jon Crocker
June 2016
Let's face it, the people who've already reviewed this can do a far better job than I in explaining the undertones and mouth feel.

I will tell you , it's very refreshing. . . .very smooth, and a nice back to sit back and relax enjoying life :-)

The color is a deep reddish brown . . .Very nice :-)
by Ransom Stark
December 2015
This tea is intoxicatingly bold in flavor, and while I see people throwing out adjectives, I really cannot nail down what the essences of the tea are. I will simply say it is indescribable in flavor, and must be experienced. It seems to be capable of a half dozen steepings before its character realily starts to disappear.
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