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Samurai Matcha Ceremony

Samurai Matcha Ceremony

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Nivel de cafeína (mg/1g)

Nuestro Samurai Matcha, recolectado a mano de manera tradicional por productores de té calificados y experimentados, se cultiva en el valle de Obuku y es uno de los pocos tés que todavía se cultivan y recolectan a mano en lugar de mecánicamente. Este método tradicional produce un té verde distintivo de una calidad inigualable para los amantes del té más exigentes de todo el mundo. Una vez en el agua, Samurai Matcha proporciona una taza suave y melosa. Profundo en sabor y rico en beneficios para la salud, nuestro Samurai Matcha se mezcla sin esfuerzo: una manera fácil de disfrutar de los antioxidantes, el betacaroteno y las vitaminas.

Opción orgánica de alta calidad para matcha puro, nuestro té Samurai Matcha Ceremony es el té verde perfecto para momentos que requieren solo lo mejor.

Cómo preparar
una taza de té perfecta
0,5 cucharadas o 1 bolsa
2.4-3oz / 70-90ml
175F / 75°C
0 min
Polvo de té Matcha japonés
Sascha Uncia
Marzo 2024
[EN] Good quality matcha. Very enjoyable without any off-notes, oxidization, or excess bitterness. worth the extra cost if you plan to drink it plain. Since matcha oxidizes so easily, I was hesitant to buy matcha after Tealyra switched from foil to coated paper bags. My matcha arrived in a foil bag and I'm really happy to see Tealyra is still using these to package delicate matcha teas. Thank you ♥
Noviembre 2023
[EN] So i just received my matcha.....As soon as i opened the package[by the way beautiful package]
Beautiful jade green tea and the smell was heavenly.Just finished my first cup and definitely very good quality .....tones of sweetness.but the color say's it all.
For sure this you can drink everyday and will not break the bank,.highly recommend.
Mischa Rosen
Junio 2023
[EN] This is great quality for the price. It has a very intense smell (which tells you it's the real deal) yet a very smooth taste.
I tried another matcha from a well known brand and it was a significantly paler green colour and had basically no smell at all. And it was only 6 months since production date, in a sealed foil bag.
I'm going back to this as soon as I finish the other stuff.
Crystal Korosec
Abril 2023
[EN] I really enjoy this Samurai Matcha. I was ordering ceremonial matcha from David's tea for many years, recently came across this website threw Google when I was looking for other options. This matcha is the best matcha I have ever had, I will be purchasing only this brand for now on as long as it is available to me. I also like that I can choose to have it shipped threw Canada post. I have recently purchased one of there oloong loose leaf teas it should be arriving next week. Really good affordable options on this site.
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