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Vesta Double Wall Cup Infuser

Vesta Double Wall Cup Infuser

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Our Vesta Double Wall Glass Tea Mug is functional and well-designed! Vesta Double Wall Glass Tea Mug is large, lightweight and sturdy, and effortless to clean. Vesta’ double walled design makes sure that while your tea stays hot, the mug is cool to the touch!

The stainless steel infuser is accented with a bright silicone band; this silicone band prevents chipping the rim, and keeps the edges cool for easy removal after brewing! The infuser is easy to load and clean and fits snuggly on the glass mug itself. The glass lid is slightly convex so the condensation drips back into the mug; it can also be used as a “coaster” for the infuser once the tea is steeped! Great for any loose teas, tisanes, or blooming teas; Vesta Double Wall Glass Tea Mug is bound to be your new favorite mug!


360ml / 12 fl.oz


by Jeff
October 2020
I like this kit enough that I bought a second one to use with coffee (without the infuser). It works as advertised and keeps hot drinks hotter longer. The infuser is easy to clean and the lid/coaster is very handy when using it for tea. I like it for tea and coffee because of the thin lip. I would have given it 5 stars but the glass is very smooth and since I'm generally using it first thing in the morning when I'm still a little groggy I have to be very careful not to drop it. I hand wash mine.
by Michelle Glenn
November 2020
Using this for the first time. Not sure how the lid is to be used as a coaster. It is slippery and the cup just slides off. No edge or rim to hold the cup in place on the lid. When the lid is placed on the table, all of the condensation drips on to the table. So it does NOT work as a coaster!
by Lena
July 2020
I really wanted to like this tea mug, like everything TeaLyra. However, the design is just not good. The green silicone ring needs to be taken out for every wash, otherwise it lets water in. It then takes a couple of minutes to force it back on to the mug. And it doesn't add that much in terms of insulation. Also, when adding hot water to the mug, sometimes a pocket of air is created underneath the strainer; when trying to move the strainer around to let the air escape, it bubbles out with some boiling hot water. I was burned more than once. Most of the time, I just keep the silicone ring off and put the glass lid straight on the glass mug. The lid tends to trap water after washing. Just poor design overall. Get a different piece of teaware for your $15.