Double Wall Glasses Tea Coffee Cup

Zeus Double Wall Glasses, Set of 2

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Origin: China


The Zeus Double Wall Glass set is sleek and well-designed. Our Zeus Double Wall Glass comes in a convenient 400ml size, it is lightweight, sturdy and effortless to clean. Zeus’ double-walled design makes sure that while your tea is insulated and hot, the mug remains cool to the touch. Our modern design keeps your drink at the ideal temperature longer than a regular glass mug. Our Zeus glass mug is ideal for any beverage of choice; whether hot or cold!

Design features:

- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- Heat resistant borosilicate glass
- Capacity: 13.5 oz / 400 ml


Volume :


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Quality    *****  100%


06/26/2014, 14:05

Quality    *****
When I received this mug, I was delighted in finding out how light it was and how good in felt in my hand. It looks beautiful when filled, as if the tea or coffee were suspended in air. The air cavity acts as a good insulator: even when filled with a very hot liquid, the outside of the mug feels only slightly warm. I am not sure, however, that it keeps beverages hot that much longer than a ceramic mug, but it's more pleasant to use and more beautiful to look at.
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