Glazed Celadon Kyusu Teapot

Glazed Celadon Kyusu Teapot

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Origin: Taiwan
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Our lovely Kyusu Teapot is made of a durable and fine glazed porcelain material in a delicate celadon color with striking natural wood accents. Celadon Kyusu with its bold aesthetic makes a statement that can last for generations if properly cared for. 

Celadon Kyusu features a lovely crackle glaze finish that is beautifully contrasted with the dark natural wood detail. The glazed technique used in the crafting of our Celadon Kyusu is of “craquelure” style. This means that the fine veins will, over time, become slightly stained by the tea you steep and enjoy. You may also freely “stain” the exterior with a small teapot brush to work on customizing the appearance.

The wooden handle’s gentle curved configuration provides very precise and secure handling of the pot and makes a visual statement of originality. Generally, when choosing your Kyusu, one with a rounded bottom is thought to make the most delicious tea because the water and leaves can circulate freely.

It is high quality glazed material that when taken well care of can last for generations. The built-in filter infuser holes allow for the steeping of your favorite large leaf teas.

Enjoy the art of fine tea culture with our lovely Celadon Teapot that is as striking as it is practical.

Design features:

- Glazed porcelain

- Built-in filter hole

- Natural wooden details

- Medium capacity: 300ml


Volume :
300ml / 10 fl.oz


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