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thé vert matcha japonais

Matcha Iri Sencha

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Niveau de caféine (mg/1g)
Notre Matcha Iri Sencha est un mélange de nos meilleurs thé organiques sencha et matcha. Il est élaboré avec du Sencha japonais de qualité supérieure cuit de manière traditionnelle à la vapeur et la poêle, puis saupoudré de Matcha de haute qualité (2,5% en poids[. Le résultat est une saveur vivifiante de thé vert très herbeuse, avec de délicates notes sucrées qui s'attardent sur la langue. Le Matcha Iri Sencha est absolument parfait pour ceux qui apprécient un goût de thé corsé, une haute teneur en antioxydants, et un coup de boost cafeiné !
Comment faire
une tasse de thé parfaite
1-1.5 CAC ou 1 SACHET
200ml / 8oz
80°C / 175F
1.5 - 2 min
Thé vert, poudre de matcha
par Huma Arshad
Septembre 2023
[EN] I was a fan of David's Tea Sencha. But I didn't want to order teas from different places so I ordered from Tealyra. At first I didn't like the flavor because I felt it was too weak. Long story short, when I ordered this tea the second time it totally blew me away. The notes were just perfect and even better than Sencha from David's Tea. Since then, I have been ordering Matcha Iri Sencha and I love every sip of it. This tea in my view can't be brewed twice. The second brew is very weak and gets bitter. So I brew it once and brew it right. More than a min and a half and the tea gets bitter. The water has to be the exact temperature between 170 F - 175 F, more than that and the tea gets bitter. Regardless, I will keep buying it because it is just a wonderful tea.
par Miriam Clews
Juillet 2023
[EN] I have been searching for years fir the perfect macha blend. I have been trying this one for some time now, and think I have finally arrived. I'm tempted to add a little more macha. Very unusually, the second cup is of a great quality. This is good for me, as I normally need two cups to get me started. Beautiful colour and perfume. I recommend it to many friends. Some have made the mistake of ordering from another source. It never compares with yours.
par Victoria Leong
Novembre 2022
[EN] This one is definitely a winner! It punches well above it's price range for Japanese green tea. Lovely flavour and great colour. It also delivers your caffine in such a away that you can be so awake but without buzz or jitters!
par Chris
Avril 2022
[EN] This is my favorite daily sencha, and favorite tea in general. The sencha/matcha blend is wonderful because it allows you to get excellent results through multiple steepings. The matcha will add sweetness and counterbalance the astringency of the sencha on the first steep, giving you a strong and bright first cup. For the second steep and beyond, the matcha is mostly gone, as well as the most of the bitterness from sencha, giving you a mellower, milder cup that is still nicely balanced. I like to do a shorter first steep and a much longer second steep, which I find gives me a balanced yet full bodied extraction each time.
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