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Lapsang Souchong Supérieur Goudronneux

Tarry Lapsang Souchong Superior

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Niveau de caféine (mg/1g)
Originaire de Chine il y a plusieurs siècles, ce thé Lapsang Souchong fumé, profond et remarquable est célèbre dans le monde entier. De nos jours, les producteurs de thé de Taiwan ont perfectionné l'art de la culture et de l'élaboration du thé Lapsang Souchong. Le Lapsang Souchong est souvent surnommé « thé groudronneux », une texture et un goût populaires et recherchés par les amateurs de thé.

Notre Lapsang Souchong Supérieur Goudronneux a une feuille très aromatique, semblable à la fumée d'un feu de camp. Cependant, il offre une tasse remarquablement onctueuse, semblable à un thé noir riche et agrémentée de légères touches de pin fumé caractéristiques.

Pour créer ce goût fumé subtil, les feuilles fraîchement broyées sont séchées sur un feu en plein air afin d'être infusées naturellement avant d'être cuites à la poêle pour ralentir le processus d'oxydation, puis individuellement roulées à la main. Ensuite, les feuilles sont pressées et stockées dans des barriques en bois recouvertes de tissu afin de compléter leur oxydation. Après l'oxydation, les feuilles sont étroitement enroulées dans des bandes et suspendues dans des paniers de bambou au-dessus d'un feu de bois de pin, afin de développer leur arôme et leur saveur fumés caractéristiques.

Malgré son oxydation complète, Le Lapsang Souchong peut habituellement être infusé deux fois, à condition que la première infusion soit légère ! Dégustez l'onctueuse saveur de notre Lapsang Souchong Supérieur Goudronneux et découvrez un classique au goût unique !
Comment faire
une tasse de thé parfaite
200ml / 8oz
95°C / 205F
2 - 3 min
Thé noir
par Bob Clayden
ce mois-ci
[EN] I bought 200 GM sometime ago and thought that the first batch might be substandard but the 2nd batch is the same. It's full of small twigs which float on the surface of the tea and have to be skimmed off. I have drunk lapsang Souchong for the last 40 years, this is the first time I have had to do such a thing. I will have to find a supplier who sells a good quality product.
par Darellynn Oo
Août 2023
[EN] I decided to test a bunch of tea from TeaLyra so I ordered a set and brewed them all the same. For our test, 1 full teaspoon of tea was used and all were steeped for 3 minutes in a 50mL teacup. To test how well the smell and taste held up, I also included a second brew during our test.

Smells wonderfully smoky and strong. The taste however was quite weak compared to the smell. I cannot complain because, for a Lapsang Souchong, it is priced quite reasonably. I would pay just for the scent. The scent gets weaker with a second brew, but it is still present. Because the taste is weak to begin with, it does not hold up to a second brew. I would drink this tea regularly if I brewed it strong.

I rated this tea 8/10
par Andrea Bush
Juin 2021
[EN] This is one of my top favorites, if not most favorite tea. This version is super smoky ! Very much like a Formosa Lapsang. If you like dark, rich powerful flavor. This Lapsang is it. Excellent iced. Much smokier than most Traditional ones. Its called Tarry for a reason ! Not for the faint of heart.
But a great coffee replacement and ive lost a ton of weight drinking this and Puerh tea. Just makes me not hungry. Great energy but no jitters. Best Lapsang Ive had. Be warned though, this one is on fire ! its so smoky. Will be buying THIS one many times. Oh and I got my order 2 days after I placed it on a Monday. ! WOW. So well packed too. Love this company.
par Melissac
Mars 2021
[EN] I had never tried lapsang souchong before, but heard great things about it.
I personally enjoy teas like Earl grey, and Yerba mate. I tend to drink my teas black, but will sometimes have a bit of oat milk. ( So if you have similar taste buds...keep listening...)

Now my first time trying this tea I must say I was a little put off by the smell. It really smells like a smoekhouse, a campfire, or liquid smoke. Now I am perosnally not a big fan of liquid smoke. I find it is over-used in a lot of vegan cooking and so that is why I was initially put off by the smell. THANK the tea superiors, it does not at all taste like liquid smoke.

This tea is so earthy and warming, and almost bourbon like, but so so smooth. It is the perfect tea to get your creatively flow going, and to feeling cool and refined while doing it.
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